Layla Bamboo Turban

Curly Sues
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Layla Bamboo Turban By Curly Sues

Layla Bamboo Turban is a bamboo viscose turban perfect for ladies going through chemo or hair loss.

The high-quality breathable bamboo viscose turban helps to protect the sensitive scalp.

Bamboo viscose head turbans are very comfortable to use without any itch or scratch. Layla Bamboo Turbans are an easy way to cover uncomfortable chemo heads in a comfortable and stylish way.

Designed for use indoor and outdoor a comfortable alternative INSTEAD OF WIGS.

The Layla Bamboo Turban is the best headwear for hair loss after chemotherapy, medically related hair loss and Alopecia. The headwear for cancer patients make sensitive scalp warm in winter and cool in summer.

A stylish gift for all age groups. The best way to style your own personality and enjoy your own company is like a celebrity. The headwear cancer patients give full coverage and a perfect gift.

Layla Bamboo Turbans are available in different colours. We assure the style, and high level of comfort for your dear ones because we know the real value of care and concern.

One Size fits all. One size fits most Single layer , minimal seam exposure. Elastic closure for secure fit easy to wash.


95% Bamboo / 5% Viscose

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