Lucy Rose Bamboo Turban

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Lucy Rose Bamboo Turban available at Curly Sues

Lucy Rose Turban a detailed flower patch cute hat for chemo patients made out of silky soft, lightweight & breathable single jersey knit 95% Bamboo 5% Viscose. Bamboo fabrics for head scarves are soft and comfortable, breathable, and ideal for any season.

Cute hats for chemo patients is made of NO harmful chemicals used while dyeing or manufacturing the product, thus suitable for sensitive scalps. Absorbs 40% more sweat/moisture than cotton fabric, keeping your skin dry & comfortable. The bamboo fabric used in head scarves for women has antibacterial properties and protect sensitive skin from infection.

The Lucy Rose Turban is designed for comfort & complete coverage. Flower patch chemo headwear distinction to the design. Adjust the gathers to achieve the look with a stylish flower patched Lucy Rose Turban.

The stylish Lucy Rose Turban is the perfect gift for women who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Easy to fit for everyone and protect the sensitive scalp from infection and weather change effects. Lucy Rose Turban provides full head coverage to those who have no or little hair because of chemotherapy treatment, cancer, alopecia, and aging.

Designer and stylish head scarves for women are available in various colours. Stylish and comfortable headwear designed for women hair loss.


95% Bamboo / 5% Viscose

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