Ultra-Safe - 4oz

Professional Hair Labs
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Ultra-Safe available now at Curly Sues

Disturbing the pH balance of the scalp can cause many issues for your cosmetic adhesives performance. You oil (sebaceous) glands must refrain from being triggered during your cleaning process. To remove adhesive residue from the scalp, you need a hair adhesive remover that you can trust. Not only do the job competently but also care for your skin.

That's why Pro Hair Labs have developed Ultra-Safe cleanser, a completely natural and toxin free adhesive residue remover for the scalp that sooths and protects as it works, making it the safest skin adhesive remover on the market.


  • On lace systems, spray Ultra Safe directly down through the hair system. Wait 2-3 minutes. Lean client back in sink. Pull hair system gently from the scalp, continuing to spray Ultra Safe between the hair system and the scalp until the hair system is completely removed. Wipe Ultra Safe and residue from the scalp with paper towel.
  • Sit client back up and continue spraying Ultra Safe and wiping with a paper towel until all adhesive has been removed from the scalp.
  • With a skin (poly) system, you are not able to spray the Ultra Safe through the top of the hair system. Instead, lean your client back in the sink. Starting at the front hairline, gently pull back slightly and spray Ultra-Safe underneath the hair system and gradually apply reverse pressure by pulling back the skin on the hair unit until it eventually lifts.
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