GhostBond XL - 5oz

Professional Hair Labs
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GhostBond XL available now at Curly Sues

When it comes to finding the best hair bonding glue, you need a cosmetic bonding solution that you can be truly confident with in any situation. Specially formulated by Pro Hair Labs to give exemplary moisture protection and a higher melting point than other hair adhesive products.

You can trust this product to keep you cool no matter how hot it gets. Pro Hair Lab's Ghost Bond is a hair system adhesive that holds perfectly under the worst weather conditions. It fights scalp oil and humidity to keep your hair system in place at all times.


Do Not Apply Ghost Bond XL Directly To Lace Base. Always run a patch test before full application.


- 1 thin coating to the hair system

- 4 thin coatings to the head. Put each coat on as soon as the previous coat turns clear (around 20 seconds)

- After the 4th coating, wait 7 minutes and press the hair system into place.


- Use the same steps as above only, do not apply adhesive directly to the lace. Apply to scalp only.

Contents: Acrylic Polymers, Parabens, Phenoxyetanol.
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