Smart Colour 100G

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Hair Colour by Hairsmart. A wide range of hairdressing & salon supplies available in Perth at Curly Sues.

Hairsmart is easy to master and delivers consistent predictable results. Hairsmart produces colour that is conditioning, vibrant and long-lasting.

Made in Italy, Crème base is rich in high quality protective ingredients to ensure optimal condition of the hair throughout the colouring process. Contains Argan Oil plus a unique multi-vitamin complex of vitamin A, vitamin E and other antioxidants to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Mixed 1:1.5 for general colouring which means you use at least 20% LESS colour! Highly economical 100 gram tubes at a great price.

Hairsmart Colour is a HYBRID range, which means the same tubes can be mixed as a demi-permanent colour, giving you perfect colour result from roots to ends when colour balancing. You only need to stock ONE range instead of TWO, which means less money tied up in stock sitting on your shelves. Excellent coverage on white hair.

One of the most extensive collections of fashion browns, caramels, golds and warm browns on the market today. 3 ranges of high lift blondes for maximum choice in lightening. Grey mix tone concentrates allow you to increase the amount of ashen/cool pigment when required in high-lifting.

Fashion mix tone concentrates give you the ability to create an unlimited array of colours; you are never limited to what is on the chart! Clear mix tone allows you to create pastel tones or achieve more accuracy in toning.

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