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Curly Sues
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An essential part of any dance routine is coloured hair spray. Not to worry Curly Sues Dance Accessories has you covered with different colours available.

Amazing Colour range including Metallic, Glitter and Fluro. Zo Colour Hair Spray creates instant highlights and striking colours
Use all-over for a big, bold effect or add bright streaks with intense blasts of colour. Zo Washes Out!

Zo is made in Europe under strict quality and environmental guidelines.

Zo Hair Colour is non-permanent and will, in most cases, wash out using normal shampoo and conditioner.

Highlights and Low Lights:
Use dark and light colours to create contrast and a more dramatic affect. Such as Black and a bright Fluro.

Intense Colour:
Select a section of hair. It may be a chunk, a curl or several strands. Hold it away from your other hair and spray.
Repeat to create a streaking affect all over.

Softer Colour:
Use a brush or comb (preferably disposable) to brush through the colour. This reduces the intensity and can create a more tonal look especially when using brown or black. Repeatedly brushing and spraying also helps to create a stronger, all-over colour.

As this item is classed as Dangerous Goods it can only be shipped via road. Therefore allow up to 10 days delivery timeframe.

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