Human Hair Extensions

easiVolume 10 Inch

easiVolume 14 Inch

easiPony 12 Inch

easiHalo 12 Inch

easiPony 16 Inch

easiVolume 18 Inch

easiExtensions 16 Inch

easiPony 20 Inch

easiHalo 18 Inch

easiExtensions 20 Inch

easiHalo 22 Inch

Indulge in luxury and versatility with the Jon Renau easiTress Human Hair Collection. This premium assortment features easiHalo, easiPony, easiVolume, and easiExtensions in various lengths, all meticulously crafted with 100% human hair.

From voluminous halos to sleek ponytails and extensions for limitless styling, each piece effortlessly transforms your look with premium quality and the freedom to express your unique style confidently.