Chiffon Scarves

Patterned Turban

Bandana Turban

Bandana Headwrap

Bandana Headwrap - Printed

Plain Turban

Printed Turban

Bucket Hat

Bec Bamboo Cap

Michelle Bamboo Sleeping Cap

Tina Bamboo Turban

Rachel Rose Bamboo Turban

Madison Turban

Mariah Bamboo Cap

Cara Bamboo Visor

Lucy Rose Bamboo Turban

Julie Bamboo Headwrap

Wendy Bamboo Hat Wrap

Fifi Bamboo Turban

Curly Sues is a proud to introduce our very new collection. As a company we are thrilled to showcase a beautiful mission that is to help you to discover your inner beauty through purity and make you feel and look fabulous!

The collection has been created from a range of carefully selected natural fibres to provide a headwear collection that is light, cool and effortlessly elegant. From Silky-soft cottons in gentle spring shades, to delicate bamboo fibres in bright summer hues, every piece in our range has been designed with comfort in mind and are suitable for everyday  use, as well as for wearing on those special occasions.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful collection! Love from Curly Sues.