Chloe Madison Headwear

Pleated Turbans

Glossy Turbans

Fish Knit Tail Hats

Slouchy Snoot Hat

Elastic Bandanas Black & White

Elastic Bandanas

Plain Turban Pink

Plain Turban

Twisted Turban

Twisted Turban

Plaited Turban

Snood Hat

Rose Turban

Rose Turban

Bamboo Turban

Curly Sues is a proud to be in partnership with Chloe Madison, a company like us shares a beautiful mission and thats is to help you to discover your inner beauty through purity and make you feel and look fabulous!

Like Curly Sues a proud Australian Company using a range of carefully selected natural fibres to provide a headwear collection that is light, cool and effortlessly elegant. Designed with comfort in mind and are suitable for everyday  use, as well as for wearing on those special occasions.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful collection! Love from Curly Sues & Chloe Madison.