Using afterpay At Curly Sues

Found the item you want? You’ll need the App on your phone for this one, so download it first for free.

Once you’re in the App you can create an In Store barcode for the store. The barcode will only last 10 minutes, so use it or lose it!

Once you’ve got your barcode, take the item you want up to the counter, your item will be scanned and your payment will be processed like any other Afterpay purchase! Yay.

But please note – when you create a barcode, we will run a “pre-authorisation check” to make sure you have at least the first instalment amount already available in your account. We will hold these funds until your barcode is used (or it expires after 10 minutes. Remember? Use it or lose it)

Some other important things to remember:

If you want to shop at more than one store, you’ll need a new barcode for each purchase.

If you get an Error Message noting a problem with your card – that probably means you haven’t selected a preferred payment method on your account. Just check whether there is a blue dot next to one of the cards stored on your account. If not, then pick your preferred card for payment and you’re good to go!