Hi, my name is Sue, one of the owners at Curly Sue's. Like many of you, I too have had the battle with cancer and I would like to share with you my story below.

In November 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was only 47 years old. As a side effect of the chemotherapy treatments given, I experienced total hair loss and coping with this was a challenge. My immediate thoughts was "why me?", but I turned this common thought around understanding that it was my duty to help other women who are experiencing the impact of cancer and the associated treatments. Like many of you, my cancer journey began as a roller coaster of emotions, facing the usual emotional ups and downs, and the trials and tribulations of going through firstly the operation, then chemotherapy and finally radiotherapy.
I have been a hairdresser for the last 43 years and know the importance of appearance, having the same hair style and colour when looking for a wig. This along with comfortable and fashionable scarves, hats & turbans was a big factor in helping me face the demons of losing my hair, which as a woman, I found it to be the BIGGEST challenge of the cancer battle. 

An important part of my healing has been serving as a volunteer for the Cancer Society's, 'Look Good, Feel Better' program. I have had the privilege of taking part in this program for 15 years. Volunteers in this program offer cancer patients free, personalised help in meeting their unique appearance needs. With my line of work, I have been offering wig and headwear services, like we provide within our store. I found this seminar a wonderful morale booster and would recommend it to fellow cancer survivors.

I look forward to welcoming you to Curly Sue's and assisting you in part of your rehabilitation. I have been in your position; I have faced the tears, the pain and laughter and know what you are going through.