Financial Assistance

Did you know Curly Sues can assist with you with financial assistance with your purchase in wigs & head wear.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition are you aware there is financial assistance available?

As Australia's largest supplier in wigs & head wear we are fully approved for medical patient use by hospitals, health funds, The Department of Veteran Affairs and The Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Private Health

We are partnered with all Private Health Companies in Australia, please ask our staff about how we can assist you claiming a rebate through your private health insurance.

Public Hospital System

Being approved by the Public Hospital System many hospitals around Australia provide vouchers that can be used on your purchases at Curly Sues. Please ask your nurse or doctor for your voucher. 

Income Tax - Medical Expense Rebate

Please check with your Tax Adviser about the current Taxation Ruling TR93/34. According to the ATO website relating to the Income Tax: Medical Expense Rebate (Taxation Ruling TR93/34).

Section 159P allows a rebate for net medical expenses exceeding $1,000. Net medical expenses includes: payments for a 'medical or surgical appliance' prescribed by a legally qualified medical practitioner. A 'medical or surgical appliance' for the purposes of paragraph (f) of the definition of 'medical expenses' in subsection 159P (4) is an instrument, apparatus or device which is:

a) Manufactured as; or

b) Distributed as; or

c) Generally recognised to be an aid to the function or capacity of a person with a disability or illness.

Examples of a 'medical or surgical appliance' include:

(m) Medical or surgical wigs for use by a person which is necessitated by loss of hair through sickness or disease (other than naturally occurring baldness) or the effects of the treatment of sickness or disease.