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2017 Topper Collection Video - Jon Renau Wig & Topper Collections

Jon Renau 2017 Topper Collection offers solutions for every stage of hair loss. We now have 36 styles available featuring nine different base designs, three different fibers and lengths ranging from 8" to 18".

Jon Renau Hair Toppers

Choosing the proper topper base size is not only going to make your hair piece look more natural, but also ensure that you are not pulling on hair causing further hair loss.

Stages of Hair Loss

Learn about all the different topper options that Jon Renau has to offer from our education team.

Apply & Remove Toppers Correctly

Toppers instantly transform your look by adding more volume and body to your hair.

Matching a Topper to Your Hair Colour

Hair toppers are an amazing solution for anyone experiencing beginning to advanced stages of hair loss, or even for anyone looking to simply add more body to their own hairstyle.

Pair easiCrown with easiPart

Learn how to create fuller, gorgeous look by paring Jon Renau's easiCrown and easiPart toppers!

HOW-TO: Prepare your topper for styling and application - Hair Toppers

Your human hair topper needs to be blow dried and styled to look it's best when you put it on. Learn the steps you need to take to prepare your topper for styling ad application.