Heat Defitant Range

Heat Defiant range

Exclusive line of heat resistant wigs designed to give you the power to reinvent your look every day. Flat iron, crimp and curl your heat resistant synthetic wigs just like human hair

Jon Renau Vanessa

Jon Renau Heat

Jon Renau Ignite Petite

Jon Renau Ignite Large

Jon Renau Ignite

Jon Renau Haute

Jon Renau Naomi

Jon Renau Eve

Jon Renau Drew

Jon Renau Fiery

Jon Renau Skylar

Jon Renau Anne

Jon Renau Judi

Jon Renau Elizabeth

Jon Renau Spicy

The Jon Renau range of heat defiant wigs are available in a range of style and natural colours, that combine the easy wearability of synthetic hair wigs with the flexible styling of human hair wigs.

This heat defiant fibre has a true-to-life feel, is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic hair on the market. Blow dry, flat iron, crimp and curl these heat defiant wigs just like you would natural human hair. This range of wigs capture the natural sheen and glossy touch of healthy human hair.

Perth's largest range and Jon Renau official distributor in Australia.