Noriko Megan

Noriko Drew

Noriko Roni

Noriko Sally

Noriko Eva

Noriko Nori

Noriko Millie

Noriko Cory

Noriko Lexy

Noriko Sandi

Noriko May

Noriko Jackson

Noriko Claire

Noriko Dolce

Noriko Carrie

Noriko Robin

Noriko Ivy

Noriko Pam

Noriko Avery

Noriko Hailey

Noriko Nour

Noriko Seville

Noriko Mason

Noriko Harlow

Noriko Storm

Noriko Brett

Noriko Angelica

Noriko Zeal

Noriko Meadow

Noriko Alva

Noriko Billie

Noriko Mariah

Noriko Angelica - Large Cap

Noriko Kate

Noriko Reese

Noriko Sky Large Cap

Noriko Sky

Noriko Jolie

Noriko Reese PM

Noriko Taylor

The world famous Noriko Collection, introduced by Rene of Paris in 1995, offers innovative, ready-to-wear creations, in a multitude of gradient and airbrushed colour combinations. For the fashionable and sophisticated woman looking for quality, comfort, and style, the Noriko Collection has it all.

Experience the best… Noriko - The Ultimate Wig Experience.

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Noriko Catalog
View the 2019-2020 Noriko Collection Catalog for our new retro-chic styles in fun, modern colors with a new Feather-Light cap.
Noriko Video
Go behind-the-scenes to our on-site photo shoot in the Malibu hills.
Noriko Accessories
Take care of your new wig or top-piece with these recommended wig accessories and care products.