Perth's largest supplier of wigs, brands include Jon Renau, Rene of Paris, available in synthetic, heat defiant synthetic & human hair.

We offer the complete range of wigs from world renowned companies – Jon Renau, Noriko, Amore, Rene of Paris, Revlon and of course our own Curly Sue’s range.

*Due to the large range of wig styles and colours available from the above companies we may not have your item of choice in stock, but we will notify you and delivery time is estimated between 10-14 days.

The pricing for all our range of wigs is fully inclusive of in store service from our qualified staff who will:

  • Match colours and styles to your requirements.
  • Cut / style the wig to suit your requirements.
  • Alter the wig size to ensure a perfect look and fit.
  • Clipper hair if required.

* If you purchase a wig on-line or a sale wig, service fees for amendments and altercations may apply.

About Wigs

Synthetic wigs offer great value through price, easy daily maintenance, durability, and appearance.

Synthetic wigs come with fibre memory, a built-in wave or curl pattern that holds its style unless the wig is mistreated (with excess heat or combing while the wig is wet). A properly maintained synthetic wig will look and wear well for the time you will need it.

Synthetic wigs are made with small, light wefts that look like natural hair and they are much easier to style than real hair.

Some synthetic wigs are made with a monofilament (transparent) top that looks exactly like your scalp with individual hair that appears to be growing out of the scalp the other option is a permatease top wigs where there has been teasing and back combing on the roots to give height. Mono top wigs are typically handmade whilst permatease are machine made.

Synthetic wigs are now available in heat resistant fibre – the advantage is that they tolerate heat and can be styled using tongs or straighteners

Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs and have to be shampooed, dried, styled and conditioned just like your natural hair. They may frizz on humid days and lose their style if they get wet. Human hair wigs may be permed and coloured but be sure to have a qualified stylist perform these services, as wig hair is extremely porous and easily damaged by chemical services. Human hair wigs are normally made with monofilament tops.

You can view our range of human hair and synthetic wigs online as well as in our Morley store or can purchase direct from our secure website.



(Non Heat / Heat Resistance)

Human Hair


Lighter in weight than human hair

Heavier in weight than synthetic


Permanently Set, wash and go

Must be re-curled after washing


Rich, brilliant colours and blends

Colours not as rich, especially blondes

Fading Durability

Fade Resistance

Colours oxidize and fade with UV exposure

Heat Damage

Heat / steam damages – cooking, dryer, hot rollers

Heat Resistance – Not damaged by heat

Not damaged by heat


Very affordable, less than $400

More expensive, value in longevity (greater than $950)

Scalp Construction

Permatease or Monofilament



Hair is shinier than human hair

Reflects light more realistically


Styling is shake and go

Heat Resistant – Can be restyled with heat – tongs, straighteners

Salon professionally done or can be done yourself


Easy do-it-yourself maintenance

Salon professionally done or can be done yourself