Did you know Curly Sues can assist with you with financial assistance with your purchase in wigs & head wear.

If you are experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition are you aware there is financial assistance available?

As Australia's largest supplier in wigs & head wear we are fully approved for medical patient use by hospitals, health funds, The Department of Veteran Affairs and The Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Curly Sues is proudly owned and operated by local Australian business woman Sue Ball.

For over 50 years Sue has been relentless in her search for realistic / high quality wigs, hairpieces and head wear. The constant search has been extensive but more importantly felt she couldn't rest until she could confidentially say she had the best options available to all women over Australia going through a hair loss journey.

Having gone through numerous family cancer journeys combined with her own cancer journey in her 40's, resulting in her having no hair, she felt not only herself however all other women deserved better than receiving fake-looking products, also resulting in the standard chemo head wear.

Sue often overheard conversations between those undertaking chemo and hair loss treatments and felt the emptiness that resulted from the client desperate for someone to empathise with their sudden and traumatic hair loss that would now define them as a cancer or hair loss patient.

With many years experience of looking after the needs of her clients with cancer - as well as her own - Sue now guides and educates her clients about living and functioning confidently. Sue and her team also regularly attend functions and or conferences to understand the new trends in the market. Sue not only partners with some of the world's leading companies, she has also established her own factory producing her very own brands.

Furthermore to this, Sue also undertakes her own study along with numerous conversations with leading experts with all things related to hair loss from and including alopecia. Along with her continued charity work with the public health system, Sue was also able to conduct discussions with private health companies which now support women with any kind of hair loss.

Curly Sue's team have been picked and taught by Sue to become their very own hair loss specialists. Our difference to our clients vs shopping on-line is dedicated care and experience in all things hair loss. Not to mention a one stop shop with expert care and maintenance advise.

Together with you we will find the perfect alternative hair solution with your privacy, comfort and dignity in mind. Our hair loss experts are acutely aware of the importance behind restoring your confidence and normality.

Appointments required for wigs & toppers on Saturdays. Please call or email or call us for a booking. During the weekdays for any wigs or toppers the latest to visit is 4pm.